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I am a 68 years old Englishman, born in Lincolnshire. My wife is Danish and I lived in Denmark for 18 years. Three years ago we retired to Crete. I have a degree in Sociology, University of Essex, 1977. In my opinion at that time sociology was a worthwhile subject and I enjoyed it very much, today it is mainly garbage. At University I was a communist. But marriage, work and life pushed me further and further and further away from that ideology. I had a long period in the political wilderness, but was more and more attracted to some form of anarchism. To cut a long story short, after reading some Libertarian books and Austrian economics I decided that Libertarianism was the choice for me. I like history, philosophy, music, drawing and science. I worked in the UK as a civilian for the police and a teacher of sociology and psychology to adults up to A level. In Denmark I worked as a sort of social worker (the Danish title is 'Social Pedagog') at a large institution for developmentally handicapped adults. I may have written too much. Anyway, that is a brief description of me.

David Curtis

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