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Without a Shred of Credibility

‘Homeowners hit by surging mortgage repayments should get grants of up to £300 a month to help cover the costs, the Liberal Democrats have said.

Speaking in London, Sir Ed Davey said millions of homeowners are paying a ‘Conservative property premium’ after Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s disastrous mini-Budget.

The Lib Dem leader said the Government did not have a ‘shred of credibility’ after the turmoil of recent weeks as he reiterated his demand for an immediate general election.

He called for the creation of a £3 billion mortgage protection fund – paid for by reversing cuts to taxes on banks dating back to 2016 – to assist families facing crippling increases in their repayments.’

Ed Davey is one of the most pointless leaders of one of the most pointless parties in Parliament. It has zero comprehension of basic economics, which it is why it has earned the soubriquet the ‘nice socialists’. Lenin was said to have been more brutal in calling the social democrats ( which is what they really are ), useful idiots.

However there is little evidence that he ever used the term, instead the earliest reference is during the Cold War in Italy where the Italian Social Democrats were supporting the Communists.

Where does Davey think these ‘grants’ are going to come from? Government has no money of its own, it is taken from the taxpayer.

The subsidy junkies look up the EU for which they wish to rejoin for ‘inspiration’.

So what is this misappropriation of the words ‘Liberal’ and ‘Democrat’.

They are neither.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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