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Without a Clue

Dudley Libertarians have accused the council of running blind after Sedgley candidate, Martin Day, submitted a Freedom of Information request regarding increased costs of fly-tipping in the north of the Borough. A dispute between the two councils regarding Dudley’s contribution to the running costs meant access to Wolverhampton’s Anchor Lane refuse facility has been denied to Dudley residents.

The answer that came back said simply. “Unfortunately, the information specified in your request is not held by the Council.” before wrongful advice to look at a DEFRA site dealing in national statistics of waste flow.

Pedmore Libertarian candidate, Glen Wilson, explained “The proliferation of detritus that continually adorns the streets, lay-bys, verges and public spaces in our ward and borough, can be traced back to 3 decisions made by the local authority.

“1. The termination of the bi-annual kerbside collection of bulk household items.

“2. The introduction of the appointment system to visit Stourbridge refuse facility.

“3. The refusal to pay one third of the operating cost to WMBC allowing residents in the north of the borough use of their facility.”

The Libertarian Party, keen as ever to cut taxes for ordinary people, cannot believe that a policy to operate only one tip in the south of the borough, which at certain times of the day is ten miles and an hour from the north, does not come with costs.

Wayne Lewis, candidate for Brierley Hill, added “Fly-tipping has been noticeably higher and the cost of cleaning this up will have increased accordingly.

“Are they aiming for zero carbon at landfill?”

Mr Day, concluded “We live in a consumer society where packaging and waste is part and parcel of living in a city (a bit like getting stabbed).

“It must be addressed and disposed of. Saying our ‘green’ agenda doesn’t allow it and restricting access to a tip means condemning people to live in filth and paying for the pleasure of doing so to the council.

“If elected, the Libertarians would restore bulk collections. For too long, front-line services have been slashed, despite five consecutive council tax increases (2018-22) totaling a shade off 23%.

“We would prioritise the services that are needed, whilst slashing unnecessary red tape, looking for greater efficiency and reviewing the astronomical wages paid to senior executives.”

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