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Why local elections matter.

Arguably the most successful communities have observed three 'natural laws'. These laws these may be summarised as the right to life, freedom, and not to be stopped from pursuing happiness.

For the last fifteen years, the Libertarian Party has fought government restrictions on our liberties. But people are busy and 'politics' is generally not high on their list of things to worry about.

Unfortunately, there are people who ARE busy doing 'politics' and passing laws which erode your way of life. One problem with Government is that it is crammed with this type of person, which has been demonstrated over last few years as we see them eager to pass ‘emergency’ legislation which increasingly infringes on our freedoms.

Even the main-stream media have been reporting the models used by the government to justify the 'emergency powers' were woefully inadequate and it has been clear for some time the powers caused harm, with little benefit In comparison to the devolved assemblies, the use of the 'emergency powers' by the English government has been more reserved, however, it should be remembered they still have the ability to reintroduce them and make them even stricter.

The Libertarian Party stands on a platform of reducing central government powers to the minimum, which would have limited the last two years of overreach. The powers relinquished by central government would be returned to local councils, which would ensures greater accountability as the Councillors and Civil Servants are more likely to be someone living 'next door' to you and who will feel the effects of their decisions.

Local government elections may not directly affect central government, but losing council seats does influence the behaviour of the parliamentary parties. Historically, an up-swelling of support for freedom orientated parties has nudged them back to a more centrist position. Pushing back against the system will take time. One of the easiest things you can do is to vote for the Libertarian Party at the local council elections on Thursday 5th May 2022.

If you would like to hear more, or get involved, please contact us via

Jamie Pullin - Council Candidate 2022

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