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Who Will Be Watching The Watchers? Revisted

On Tuesday we saw the Conservative Government and Boris Johnson announce new restrictions. We, in the Libertarian Party are perplexed at the current strategy that the Government is taking.

We were thrust into lockdown with our freedoms taken from us earlier this year to “flatten the curve”. I wrote an article in April looking at the powers the Police have under the Corona Virus Act 2020.

After a few weeks of a gentle lifting of the restrictions we now see certain ones being reintroduced.The Government has also said that the Army could be bought in to help the police to patrol the streets and help enforce the new restrictions. This is totally unacceptable and the Government is taking us very close to the tipping point when it could be said that we are under Martial Law.

The economy has suffered hugely, people are not receiving care and treatment for diseases such as Cancer. People’s mental well-being is truly being tested, especially the young high school pupils who have not had social interaction for months until recently when they have returned to school.

The Government strategy seems to be panic driven. A look at Sweden’s strategy where there has been no strong lockdown and no enforced mask wearing has shown a better way forward. With less cases and reducing deaths from the disease and most importantly a herd immunity being achieved.

We, in the Libertarian Party have a different strategy which has been adopted as Party policy and can be read at:

Only the other day the head of test and trace said “she doesn’t believe that anyone was expecting a sizeable increase in demand”. The strategy was to suppress the virus so when restrictions were eased of course there would be an upsurge.

Yesterday the Human rights select Committee published a report and a draft amendment to the legislation to protect human rights which must be taken on and I would encourage people to lobby their MP’s to support the amendment. Next Wednesday 30th September there is a review of the legislation in the House of Commons.

We must be the watchers who watch the watchers in both government and the police to make sure that these measures that are put in place are repealed quickly and in a timely manner. We must be there to share with people what the legislation really means.

There must be an end to the restrictions and a return to an individuals right to freedom and liberty.

Glenville Gogerly – Home Affairs Spokesman

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