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Who knows your children best?

Date: Sunday 20th January 2019

Libertarian Families Spokesman, Martin Day, has felt obliged to ask, “Who knows your children best?”

He felt the question needed to be asked as schools started to bring in fines of £1,000 per child for taking them out of school for holidays.

Recently, there have been cases where children have been denied new treatments, going against the parents wishes, even when private money has been raised to fund it.

There have also been instances of mandatory sex education for eight-year-olds. Many parents are upset but have had to allow it or withdraw their children from state education altogether.

But the government is now seeking to tighten and clarify rules surrounding home-education.

Proposals include a compulsory register of home-educated kids, with increased monitoring and “support” from local authorities.

Dan Liddicott, the Libertarian Party’s Midlands Co-ordinator explained “Ultimately this is not about holidays or education, which parents are perfectly able to make decisions about or provide to a high standard, this is about state infringement of private family life.

“This is a test of how abject and subjugated we are willing to be. A test of how little we value family autonomy from state interference.”

Mr Day said “We are told we live in a free country, but who is best placed to look after our children?

“How long will home-schooling even be an option? Freedom of thought is being eradicated through a centrist government mantra taught throughout state education.

“Children who are “different” are identified and given extra “support”. How long before that definition includes a different political outlook?

“Every child is different, and no one has a better feel for what is best for them than their parents. Enforcing one state sponsored approach on all doesn’t work!”


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