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Who is Queen?

Our Constitutional arrangements are a shambles , we are one of just five countries that does not have a Constitution, a dubious honour we share with Saudi Arabia. We as citizens have few constitutional safe guards for our Liberties and Freedoms.

Since 14th June 1645 , Parliament has been sovereign. That means the six hundred and fifty MPs control our lives in minute detail.

The office of Prime Minster is based on the support of the majority of those 650, with that support and without the constraints of a Constitution , the Prime Minister is to all intents and purposes an elected absolute monarch.

Heath surrendered British sovereignty to the EEC , Blair declared war against Iraq on a proven lie, Brown signed Lisbon.

We now have Boris whose intrusions into our personal and commercial lives far exceeds that of when the country faced extinction in 1940.

The coterie of ministers jockeying for influence around Johnson resembles the Court of the first Elizabeth not the current one. There is little space for ‘we the people’ to have a say.

Indeed the ruthless proscription of public gatherings is a hallmark of the Covid legislation.

Continuing the theme of absolute monarchy , the House of Lords still exists very much as it did in the 15th Century with Bishops sitting in that place.

Devolution of power is one of the central planks of our policy , not the one size fits all model that comes from Whitehall/Westminster

In France Covid management is dealt with at Departmental level not by national diktat of the Élysée. In the U.K. we see areas that have had little infection and death , being treated to the same scorched earth policies as those urban areas with high infection and death. Total centralisation of power is the root cause. Petty tyrants like Dan Andrews of Victoria Australia who has unleashed a wave of terror against the people of Victoria have found public opinion is against them in the U.K. , however we still see ministers advocating Stasi policies of social control by advocating reporting your neighbours

This insanity must end, when it does let the positive be reform to end the total domination of Westminster in our lives