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Where are you going on your cancelled summer break?

The crass statement of the week came from one Matt Hancock when virtue signalling that he and his family were going to spend their summer holidays in Cornwall in the great British stay at home summer of 2021.

So he and his family are going to travel for just over four hours , 238 miles , from London to Cornwall , why ? what are you going to do when you get there , go to a beach , banned , go to a pub banned , go to a hotel banned, basically for the rest of the population who can no longer afford a holiday because of his actions, he is telling you he is renting a cottage somewhere isolated and the ‘rules’ don’t apply to him.

His time would be better spent staying in London meeting his legal advisors and preparing his defence for the inevitable public inquiry that will examine why Public Health England was so woefully unprepared after the warnings were given Exercise Cygnus in 2016

Exercise Cygnus was a three-day simulation exercise carried out by NHS England in October 2016 to estimate the impact of a hypothetical H2N2 influenza pandemic on the United Kingdom, it’s conclusions were so horrific that the report remains classified

As part of this inevitable inquiry, this party demands that the Cabinet papers for March 2020 are not bound by the thirty year rule and are released to the public.

One minute there were public statements on Government websites that Covid 19 posed no threat , then following one fateful Cabinet meeting where it is believed threatened mass resignations would ensue that Boris Johnson did the first of many volte face and ordered the country into an immediate ‘lockdown’,an American term much loved by the BBC, meaning confinement to a prison cell.

That lockdown ‘to save the NHS ‘ an institution so intent on its survival that it ordered the emptying of wards of the old and sick to make way for the flood of Covid patients that would never come , thus spreading the virus and guaranteeing the old would be culled and cancer patients would be condemned to early deaths

Frontline NHS medical staff went above and beyond during the PPE debacle. Hancock stood before the nation and assured that an RAF transport was due in that Sunday with PPE from Turkey, when the aircraft did not actually leave until the following day and the aircraft sat on the ground for a week while the export licences were issued by Ankara , on arrival the PPE supplied was substandard and binned

Stories of panic and downright untruths abound.

Let this inquiry not be another Chilcot that took seven years at great expense to stall and bury the gross negligence and lies that took us to war against Iraq , and unleashed the horrors of ISIS upon the peoples of Iraq and the terrorism on the streets of the United Kingdom.

Let us have this inquiry done in the name of those who will not be able to testify and died as result of failed Westminster/ Whitehall panic policies that only ever sought to manage the salivating media.

Parliament should hang it’s head in shame , too few spoke out against this Covid policy.

Where are you going for your summer holidays ?

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