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What We Stand For

This party is looking to produce a simple list to give the public an understanding of what we stand for, this is for local elections which Boris is still undecided as to whether he is going to cancel again. For detail refer to our manifesto

1. The rights of the individual over the interests of the State is paramount.

2. Imposed taxation without active consent is theft

3. Defence is the only legitimate role of the State

4. Devolution of power to as close to the individual as is possible with a small state.

5. A written Constitution that protects the individual against the State

6. Root and branch reform of the electoral system towards direct democracy on the Swiss model

7. A Free press and Free Speech without fear of prosecution

8. All public officials are individually accountable in Law for their actions not above the Law

9. All Judges and Chief Constables are to be elected positions not appointees of the State

10. All citizens regardless of race, religion and gender are equal in Law

Many Libertarians could write exhaustive arguments for this or against that but these are our core values.

We recognise that in a complex modern urban society there has to be minimal government therefore we are a Minarchist party not an anarchist collective.

We do not subscribe to any form of collectivism be it wrapping yourself in the flag nationalism because of where you were born.

We are committed to the free market as the best way to increase wealth and for the aspiring.

No doubt ‘true libertarians’ will take issue with these ten principles , but they can and do form their own fringe groups.

These core principles have stood the test of the last fifteen years for this party. Not perfect but we start from a de facto Police State under Covid Regulations that seeks to overtly protect a state institution.

Join us

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