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What Fresh Hell Is this?

National ‘emergencies‘ always bring forth ever greater erosion of freedom. War, Pandemic or Terrorism are the usual excuses for authoritarian government to up the ante.

When the mindless are begging for everybody to obey police state diktat, sorry, belay begging, replace with demanding.

I never thought I’d see in my life time police forces setting up road blocks demanding to know where you have come from and where you are going. We have a tradition of local police forces that were permitted to exist by Parliament by following the Peelian Police principles.

Already in Scotland they have Police Scotland, a Scotland wide Gendarmerie answerable not to local people but the First Minister herself. The head of the Met, despite her track record involving in the death, execution style, of Charles de Menezes has had a seamless rise to authority as she ticked all the right progressive boxes. Ineffective in dealing with knife crime and terrorism on the streets of London, the focus has shifted to brutalising the innocent and stamping out dissent.

The first act of the Hancock police state was to ban all assemblies and demonstrations, to be honest, logic dictates that this is the only reason pubs are shut, while shoppers are allowed to swarm. People gathering and talking is the last thing authoritarians and the current medical mafia want.

In business, despite the big banks being involved in shady dealings with drug barons, government legislation passed the pernicious ‘know your customer’ to deny start ups and existing customers banking facilities. The KYC is a massive intrusion into our way of life. Also, accountants risk being struck off and prosecuted for not reporting suspect transactions to the Revenue. They have turned into, I was going to say unpaid, but they are paid by their clients to be state informers.

The sickening calls to radio stations at the beginning of the first lockdown, of “How do I report my neighbours?” has shown the level the population has embraced authoritarian rule.

Over the weekend a vaccine poll, which was carried out by Opinium for the Observer newspaper, found that 48% of Brits were worried that it will not be safe, and 47% worried it will not be effective. It was reported that nearly 35% of those interviewed would not have the Government sponsored vaccine, so are a third of the population to be vilified by Government and the BBC? I was told that the Chinese Social Credit system would never be adopted in Britain. I have news for you, it is here already and has been for quite a few years.

The Libertarian Party has a full programme to control government, I urge you to join us Need I remind you that elections were suspended for a year, does that not sound like a coup to you?

Andrew Withers – Wessex Coordinator

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