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We are paying an enormous price for the bad science behind Covid lockdowns.

So, Jeremy Hunt is a 'good social democrat': he is expanding the state, raising taxes, and removing incentives to work and earn. He does not seem to understand that the reason so many people have now left the labour force, as he described, is precisely because all the effort required does not seem worthwhile for what they get in return. He has exacerbated the perverse incentives the system delivers.

His Sizewell announcement is welcome but does not address the issue above. As for the energy efficiency taskforce, we will see, the devil lies in the detail. HS2 is a waste of money.

The most interesting announcements are the 'supply side transformation using our Brexit freedoms', tariff removal and Solvency II reform, all should have happened sooner but only work if again, the detail is right. Do I trust the Government to get it right: not really!

It does not bode well that he highlights Sir Patrick Vallance who - along with others - got covid so badly wrong, damaging us with unnecessary, damaging lockdowns and supporting state prohibitions with no scientific evidence to back it up...

Tony Brown, former Political Advisor

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