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It has now taken the Ukrainian War to vindicate the Libertarian Party Policy on Defence: A fully armed and ready militia has ground Russian forces to a halt, now Poland intends to follow the Swiss model as well.

The simple truth is that Whitehall does not trust you to defend your life and Liberty. It will also not even allow women pepper sprays to defend themselves from assault or rape.

Instead, Whitehall has slavered over big aircraft carriers which are the maritime equivalent of a Russian tank, instead of ensuring the homeland can be defended.

Tanks are a relic of WW2. Modern weapons like the Javelin and NLAWS have demonstrated this, the weakness in using tanks in the bocage in Normandy in 1944 was demonstrated by committed German troops using the Panzerfaust. Equally, tanks are vulnerable in towns and cities. Yet as ever, Generals always fight the last war and politicians like standing taking the salute from serried ranks of armoured vehicles.

The world has changed. Perhaps we should now be training all citizens to defend their homes and families from enemies, foreign and domestic?

Andrew Withers FRSA

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