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Unleashing Our Potential – The Ideas of Liberty

We can all remember those moments that put us firmly on the path towards becoming the libertarian that we are today. Perhaps a powerful newspaper article, a heated television debate, an inspiring lecture, our favourite podcast or that infamous rousing speech.

As unique as these experiences may be, at some point, we all reached a similar conclusion. We understood that there exists a fundamental divide between ideas that can be used for good, versus those that can be used to do harm.

As Mark Passio explains, knowing (and then doing) right from wrong is the literal definition of common sense. Such consistency at a basic level is the reason why such ideas are so easy to understand and embrace.

Whether it be Friedman or Nozick, Rothbard or Rand, Mises or Paul, each of us heard arguments that first intrigued us and then ultimately led to such a positive impact upon our own thinking, our words and our actions.

As eloquent and formidable as these experienced campaigners may be, we should never be put off in our efforts to do likewise, in the hope of advancing such ideas, on any available platform.

We as individual members of this party, this movement and within our communities, each have our part to play. In remembering that in every conversation we have and every action we take, we have the potential to introduce these principles of liberty to others.

In demonstrating the importance of greater personal and economic freedoms and striving toward a limited and accountable government, we have the opportunity to introduce our next voter, supporter, member or candidate to the ideas which we ourselves now hold with such passion and determination.

Given the current political and economic climate, it is now more important than ever that our voices are heard and our party continues to grow in to the future.

In almost every area, successive governments have failed in their attempts to demonstrate any meaningful level of competency. Now is the time to introduce and assert the option of the only credible alternative to more of the same.

Andrew Kinsman – Party Nominating Officer

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