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UK Should also stop funding the WHO

Following the news that Donald Trump has decreed that the USA is to stop funding the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Libertarian Party UK have called for the UK to also halt funding.

UK payments of $318m annually are second only to the USA. France, with a similar population and GDP pays only $14m. China, with rocketing economy pays just $9.8m.

Adam Brown, party leader and spokesman for Health, said, “Following on from President Trump’s decision to freeze WHO funding pending a review, the Libertarian Party are also calling on the UK government to suspend further payments until the WHO’s effectiveness and impartiality can be assured.

The UK pays around $318 Million per year for an organisation that has failed consistently in its states aim to “prepare for global health emergencies”.

Had the WHO remained focused on its mission and sent experts into China when news started to emerge we could have had a chance to contain the outbreak without relying on Chinese Whistle Blowers to raise awareness.

In a globalised world there is a strong argument to be made for a body that works to support all countries to support in times of crisis.

Sadly the WHO have shown what happens when such an organisation leaves its original mission in order to interfere with the sovereignty of its members. Until it can prove itself fit for purpose we should no longer be wasting money on it.”

Party Chairman, Dan Liddicott, added, “This is not only because of how its flaws and biases have been exposed over the Covid-19 pandemic, but because supra-national bodies are inconsistent with preserving liberty and bringing government closer to the people.

It has long been our aim to bring government and state accountability closer to the people it is supposed to represent and whose rights it is supposed to protect.

Far away bodies wielding power and influence without accountability are in direct opposition to this.

The recent call from Tony Blair and others to increase WHO power to deal with pandemics on a global scale doesn’t do anything to build faith in it.

Responses to crises should be handled at the most local level possible, where they can be tailored to local needs, with local representatives held more accountable to those they work for.”

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