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Twenty Years

"Twenty years ago I do not remember not getting through to a bank, not seeing a doctor, or being afraid of speaking my mind. I do not remember worrying about gender, climate change, food shortages, inflation, Covid, being lectured by celebrities, MSM, big tech, big pharma, told what food was acceptable and what was not. Seeing record levels of unhappiness, abuse, discontent.

I do not remember a world that was so divided despite being told that we are all equal. I do not remember being called privileged, all history being questioned and turned upside down. Men and boys being systematically demonised, women's rights being eroded and a deep feeling of unease at what is taking place in the world. Twenty years ago I do not remember any of that.

The brutal reality is that did not happen over night, it was imperceptible, slice by slice, eroding the way of life that some are desperate to risk their lives in crossing the Channel for.

The bien pensant classes of Islington and the like dreamt this nightmare up and we allowed it to happen because we did not care enough.

This grinding, oppressive, relentless moralising and constant demands to conform degrades our individuality.

The left chant diversity whilst imposing conformity.

Join us, believe in your own sovereignty and freedom."

From a Libertarian friend, with permission to share.

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