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TV License Must End

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge echoed Jeremy Paxman as he called for an end to the TV License.

The former front man for Newsnight stressed there must be “some other mechanism” to fund the BBC and cited online streaming services of examples of how to exist in a commercial world.

He also admitted media bias in favour of a metropolitan-elite outlook, further calling the broadcaster “statist”.

The Libertarian Deputy Chairman said “I have called for the privatisation of the BBC before. It would provide a one-off boost to the Exchequer and then one tax less for general citizens.

“That it currently costs nearly twice the price of some steaming services for the privilege of being fed propaganda is a disgrace.

“No government in the world should ever be in control of such a media organisation. The neutrality of the media is paramount.

“The BBC is a dinosaur in this technological age. It can no longer compete and only fresh ideas and freedom from state control can save it.”

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