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Tusk Creating Problems For The Sake Of Them

West Midlands MEP, Bill Etheridge questioned Council president’s statement doubting whether a hard border could be avoided in Ireland.

On Brexit, Mr Tusk said the EU wants to avoid a hard border, but “There’s no guarantee that we can do it”.

He said this was because Brexit is “de facto a political decision to re-establish the border between the Union and the UK”.

He adds that he does not know how Brexit negotiations will end, but it is the Brexiters who are “100% responsible for bringing back the problem of the Irish border”.

Bill Etheridge MEP, the Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman said “I wonder if Mr tusk is really aware of what goes on in the Federal state that is the EU.

“There are FIVE countries which share a border with Switzerland, yet not one of them is defined as hard!

“In a concerted effort to delay or prevent Brexit, politician after politician are coming out with problems, just for the sake of creating problems.

“Meanwhile, the British public are being betrayed!”

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