Truth does not have an ideology

Julian Assange identifies as a market libertarian and is an admirer of Ron Paul. It is then a little surprising and also encouraging that much of his support comes from across the political divide. Support for his life long commitment to bring truth to the the people. To shine a light on what our government is doing in our name. To provide via WikiLeaks a source of of indisputable facts. Information that can and has been used to hold our government to account.

There is a certain sad irony then that the nation that passed the 1st Amendment has now persecuted Julian Assange for over a decade, ably assisted by the government of the United Kingdom.

The founding fathers of the United States understood all too well the dangers of a centralised state unfettered by a free press.

“The only security of all is in a free press.”

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

Thomas Jefferson

“But none of the means of information are more sacred, or have been cherished with more tenderness and care by the settlers of America, than the press.”

John Adams

This may all sound a little airy-fairy but imagine if we had a news source that we could trust? A source with an unblemished record in reporting the truth?

Do you trust what our government is telling us about their response to the Covid pandemic?

If a future government tries to persuade you of the need to go to war or attack other nations, would you not feel more confident if there was an organisation dedicated to telling you the truth and not feeding you government propaganda?

If a politician is telling you one thing but telling sponsors something else in private is this not something that should be in the public domain?