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True Equality Benefits Our Children

Libertarian Party UK Families Spokesman, Martin Day, has called for true equality after family breakdowns.

“We live in a world where demands are made for equality for this group and that group, yet all too often, the definition of “equality” means preferential treatment.

“We live in an era of family breakdowns – over 40% of marriages fail and lead to divorce, so what’s best for the children?

“Currently one in three children live with their mother alone, a staggering 3.8 million of them in the UK alone. Only a quarter of those are believed to have a meaningful relationship with their father.

“Is it any wonder that the biggest killer of men under 50 is suicide?

“Recently the government appointed a minister for suicides –

“Yet it is the government itself who are the cause of so many, when less interference would mean more lives saved.

“We don’t need a minister for suicides, we need equality in the Family Courts. Given assumed equality, less cases would end up there.

“Shared parenting leaves both parents free to work, which in turn reduces the £47bn a year cost to the state of family breakdown.

“Less suicides, less cost to the tax payer and less children without a father. Win:win:win”

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