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Towards Recovery

M0 or cash in circulation is increasing in the UK at the rate of £10,000 GBP million per month due to the government money printing, while GDP is estimated to have declined by 10% in 2020. So, that means a stagnant economy and a glut of cash.

“Money Supply M0 in the United Kingdom increased to 89547 GBP Million in November from 88720 GBP Million in October of 2020.” source: Bank of England

Via Martyn Riley

Boris Johnson in a stupendous act of self delusion is hitting the press with statements like Boris eyes lucrative 11-country Brexit MEGADEAL – ‘The Big One!’ -Express

Boris , Governments do not do business deals , they can only create conditions where business can thrive.

The clear evidence that this administration has brought the economy to its knees is that there is no opposition from Starmer and Labour is that this government is implementing full on socialism and Keynesian Economic Policies , why would it oppose. The Bank of England has set the printing presses rolling in the mistaken belief that it is stimulating the economy it is not , it is paying for welfare , and to maintain a massive State.

Recovery will only come when the State steps out of the way reduces taxes and cuts the pubic sector head count in line with the drop in GDP

The misery that the Johnson is storing up in exchange for short term popularity’ is incalculable

All ‘to save our NHS’ by locking down the economy nearly a year ago.

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