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Tory Boy

There was once in the days of satire a revolting character called ‘Tory Boy’ on Television , well this under-educated chump has grown up (well he is out of puberty at least) and is running the country or rather ruining the country.

This little twerp has a different ‘career’ path to ninety five per cent of the population.

He has often attended a public school and has never had a job or met a ‘real person’ other than to throw bread rolls at in a West End Restaurant. Even the Labour Party has succumbed to having a millionaire knight of the Realm as the leader of the Party of the People.

Do not expect competence from a gene pool that has ‘progressed’ up the greasy pole via bag carrier, Spad, safe seat, PPS then Minister

This crop is not interested in the great unwashed, but only how good or bad they will look in the press the next morning. So never expect ‘that’s a courageous decision , Minister’.

Boris buckled with imagery of the plague dead in ice rinks because it would look bad on SKY TV, he can safely ignore the two hundred thousand who will suffer an early death through treatable cancer and heart failure, because they are invisible to the media.

Saturday’s announcement of a second ruinous lockdown was so predictable , and following the herd of France and Germany that the NCC of the Libertarian Party had met five hours before hand to compile a statement in immediate response. The minute Boris said his last ‘save the NHS’ and mummy says wash your hands, the button was pressed.

The answer to disastrous ‘Eton tendency’ government is to strip out power from Westminster and Whitehall through devolution. Whole areas of the country are being affected by this London-centric decision making that are barely affected by Covid 19, yet have to have their economies ruined in solidarity with Tory Boy.

There is even an argument for saying unless you have actually had a real job and are over forty, you do not have the life experience to be an MP to start with.

Libertarians are real people, join us

#AndrewWithers #democracy #LibertarianParty #uk

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