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To Insanity and Beyond.

Having got the basic principle through Parliament with a minimal backbench revolt, our Prime Minister, pushed along in a totalitarian direction by the likes of Gove and Hancock, now sees fit to add “guidelines” at will. Supermarkets where non-essentials are on a separate floor are now required to block the whole floor off. The irony of Walsall Tesco’s blocking off escalators with pallets of Corona lager was not lost on shoppers.

Other stores used piles of Christmas chocolates. Did they learn nothing from the idiotic clashes of common sense that arose in Wales as shoppers were stopped from buying baby milk powder by stores that had, allegedly, misinterpreted the regulations. Let that sink in a minute, they stopped you buying baby clothes for a newborn, but alcohol and chocolates were still fine!

Last week, a retired nurse was arrested after trying to take her 97 year old mother, who has dementia, from a care home in advance of the second lockdown. The lack of visiting opportunities during the previous nine months inspired her decision to act. Strangers were allowed to enter the home and feed and care for the older lady, but not her family.

Do we now have the situation that the state owns your parents as well as your children? Indeed her daughter described is as “It feels like we are living in the worst Kafka-esque nightmare. People in masks coming to take your relative away from you.” Do care homes need viewing in the same light as the Hotel California; You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave?

After the closure of the gyms, free people wishing to exercise now draw criticism in the media for walking on hills and in National parks. What next? A law against walking?

The point here is that the more laws and regulations a government throws out, the more further laws and clarifications will be needed to make them work. The whole thing is a self-perpetuating cycle of work justification. It is not just the civil service, but politicians themselves who must be seen to be doing something to justify the existence of their role.

Only a reduction in the size and reach of the state will lead to a cessation of law-making for its own sake. It is worth noting that throughout the last ten years of “austerity”, the size and cost of government has increased year on year.

Care to avoid going beyond insanity? The Libertarian Party has a stated mantra of handing power back to the people, via peaceful and democratic means. Neither red nor blue socialists offer this. We are the only party that even wants to. Come and join us and put a stop to all this nonsense.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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