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Timetable To Treason

Yesterday afternoon a disingenuous ‘leak ‘was released to the BBC.

The May Government are denying they released this. People mentioned in this ‘leak’ have not been consulted or have any knowledge of its contents.

If this has been released by No.10 to test the resolve of 17.4 m people, the Prime Minister should have no doubt as to the resolve of the Libertarian Party to maintain the full independence of the United Kingdom from all institutions, both civil and military, of the European Union.

This is now a full blown constitutional crisis between Parliament, that the Prime Minister controls, and ‘We, The People’.

Parliament led us into this mess. We, The People, demand full implementation of Brexit and constitutional Reform, so this never happens to our country again.

The Libertarian Party calls on all Conservative MP’s to show their resolve and do their duty by their country not the narrow interests of their party.

As Lord Lawson said, “Any attempt to overturn the referendum would invite mayhem of the most grievous kind.”

Bill Etheridge MEP, Deputy Chairman of the Libertarian Party, said “This document is a timetable to treason.

“All over the Parliament in Brussels, the word on the ground is that a deal has been done, yet still our devious Prime Minister denies it.

“It is imperative that Brexiteer MPs deny our craven leader the opportunity to sell our great country into servitude forevermore.”

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