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Time after Time

We are now just over eight weeks away from the sunset clause of one of the most infamous pieces of legislation of modern times. With the Johnson administration reeling with scandal, where they would find a ‘competent’ authority to extend the Act for another six months would be difficult to fathom.

The restrictions imposed on society under the Six Acts of 1819 eventually led to the Great Reform Act of 1834, a broad swathe of agitation led to a moral crusade that abolished slavery and reformed Parliament. Interestingly the professional Civil service was created in this period, The current Civil Service is politicised and is now impervious to reform by the likes of Steve Hilton and Dominic Cummings, Hilton is now a US citizen and Cummings has been driven out of Government, so the ‘blob’ has won again for the time being

The Civil Service is an almighty unaccountable organisation, purely interested in it own growth , gongs and pensions. It is a deadweight of a modern Britain, most of whom have yet to return to their desks after two years.

Boris must be praying for a war in the East to defect the media. We need to agitate for better future free from the ‘blob’.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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