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They are laughing at us.

Rishi Sunak has had a new £1.3 million statue in the garden at Number 10.

The Indian press came out with the story days ago, it was not refuted. There was little mentioned about it over here though. Only ONE UK paper or media outlet initially covered it, and that was defensively. The statue cost the equivalent of 15,662 weeks Universal Credit: that’s *301 YEARS* for a decoration that the overwhelming majority of people in the country will never see.

He then tells anyone who will listen that the country cannot afford to give nurses and paramedics a real terms pay rise in the same year as FTSE 100 leaders got an average 23% hike and Diversity managers are brought in on £90k and above.

Post Office managers are being offered bonuses of £30,000 to bulldoze their way past the aggrieved Communication Workers Union and continue a service regardless.

Though some MPs do retain at least a little dignity, many others will take advantage of rules that allow them to claim Christmas parties on expenses, held in homes that are heated with the proceeds of a tax burden that has climbed to the highest it has been since the dying days of the Second World War.

I cannot support a strike by any NHS workers that will almost certainly endanger an innocent person’s life. And before anyone cries that emergency treatment will still be provided, think back over the last three years.

The cancellation of even routine appointments led to delays in diagnosing life-threatening conditions like heart failure and cancer. If even one person dies as a result of this forthcoming industrial action, what does that make the strikers?

However, it is time for people to wake up and see who has created this situation. By that, I don’t just mean the Conservatives, for Labour and Liberals throughout the world are following a common agenda. But they can only follow it with your consent. Voting for any of the shysters in Parliament is a vote for more of the same. Other actions like cash withdrawal can crash the system.

It is time for the freedom-supporting parties to get together and decide upon a course of action to bring down this hateful elite. Let the leaders of Reform, Freedom Alliance, et al take this as an open invitation to join forces and start to fight back.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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