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There is room for change.

As the local elections on Thursday approach, it’s worth noting how few of the younger generation believe in UK democracy. The just don’t see their votes as being worthwhile and don’t see the current government as doing anything about their needs.

Younger Brits see this country as a gerontocracy: as well they might, but unless they actually get to the polling booth, that is unlikely to change. The First Past The Post (FPTP) system discourages independence of thought and differing ideals. Instead, it channels all opinion into a two-party system where the red and blue camps are not saying anything different, but just dressing policies up in a different wrapping.

With the latest swathe of increases, the Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) estimates the tax burden on the poor in society to be a staggering 57%. With no route out of poverty, the claims of the party in blue (I cannot call them conservative in any way) to be fiscally responsible and believers in low taxation. In the twelve years they have been in power, these blue socialists have tripled the national debt.

The current Tory policy of “Levelling up” is nothing but a copy of Robin Hood’s mantra – take from the rich and give to the poor. At least Robin of Loxley and the Red Labour party are honest about their aims. It is nothing but an election bribe to keep their newly won red wall seats and often involves infrastructure plans that defy local opinions.

Young adults aged 18-24 years are least likely to say FPTP serves them well – less than one in five (19%) saying it operates well as opposed to 55% who say badly. But they can’t really complain as they are the least likely to go and place their “X” in the box.

One look at the first round of the French Presidential elections tells you that there is a far wider spectrum of political beliefs out there than this faded two-party system entertains. The people need to get past the despair of wondering if it is all worth it and get out there and vote. Please use your vote this week – vote for freedom candidates, vote for independents, or if there are no options, spoil your voting paper. It may take a while, but it can be done – there is room for change!

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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