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The Three Tiers Of Christmas!

Lockdown 2 is due to “finish” on December 2nd and we are all going to be thrust into a miriad of restrictions that when read are mind boggling and ever so confusing.

When one reads through the restrictions we can see that we are being duped into believing that the lockdown is coming to an end but I have to tell you that it is not.

The three tiers and what they entail are listed on the UK Government website and are excruciatingly painful to read.

Tier One – medium alert. Tier Two – high alert. Tier Three – very high alert.

The only areas of the country that are in Tier One are the Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly and Cornwall. The rest of the country has to live with stricter restrictions. This is not the end of Lockdown 2 but the continuation of it under a re-branded name. It has almost been a year since the Government took office and as the year has progressed we have seen the Tories morph into a blue version of the Labour Party with the onset of the pandemic accelerating this transformation.

The policies adopted are at the extreme end of socialism and in the name of protection are verging on the edge of turning the UK into a totalitarian state. One quote from the Times and featured in the celebrated classic The Road To Serfdom by Hayek brings this into sharp focus; ” When authority presents itself in the guise of organisation it develops charms fascinating enough to convert communities of free people into totalitarian states.” If we look at this in todays pandemic light, the portrayal of the Government organising the way we lead our lives during it starts making people believe that Government knows best. The reliance on Government to control our lives becomes embedded into people’s minds and the mantra of Government knows best becomes the norm. Government doesn’t know best, we are all individuals and should be left free to live our lives how we see fit.

Hayek also quotes Julien Benda who relates the role of intellectuals in the transformation of society into a totalitarian state. We must think of the role of Sir Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance in the conveyance of information when reading this paragraph: ” Superstition of science held to be competent in all domains, including that of morality; a superstition which, I repeat, is an acquisition of the nineteenth century. It remains to discover whether those who brandish this doctrine believe in it or whether they simply want to give prestige of a scientific appearance to passions of their hearts, which they perfectly know are nothing but passions. It is to be noted that the dogma that history is obedient to scientific laws is preached especially by partisans of arbitrary authority. This is quite natural, since it eliminates the two realities they most hate, i.e. human liberty and the historical action of the individual. ” *source – The Road To Serfdom, Friedrich August Von Hayek.

When we watch the daily news briefings are they expressing the passions of the heart?

Written years before the rise of the Nazi peril we must take note and compare what is happening today. Our lives and the way we live them is being dictated to us daily and the very freedom that this nation was built on and was the envy of the world is being chipped away. Freedom is not yet lost whilst there are those of us who are willing to take a stand and champion liberty and the Libertarian way of thinking.

Many people are very frustrated and angry about what is happening. Be warned that the past can be repeated when a government takes the socialist ideals to the extreme and tips the scales to authoritarianism. Join the Libertarian cause and help us bring your freedom and liberty to the fore. Let’s push for small government with low taxes. Let’s push for Liberty, Freedom, Prosperity and Peace.

Glenville Gogerly EADW – Libertarian Party Interim Chairman

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