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The Rise of Zahawi

‘Will he fall on his sword , not a chance . The Tories value only one thing and that is loyalty. Despite all of these resignations the Tory Party will stand full square behind the ‘Leader’

I wrote this on Wednesday, and I am happy and pleased to say I was wrong in this assessment. No sooner was Nadhim Zahawi, an Iraqi-born Kurd, appointed Chancellor, than he turned against Johnson telling him he must go. To lose one chancellor is careless to lose two in days catastrophic.

I only mention Zahawi’s origins is because of my admiration for the Kurds as a people from my time in the construction industry in the Middle East. Their fight for freedom and Statehood against Turkey , Iraq and Iran has been going on for decades.

I tuned into Boris ‘ resignation speech yesterday lunch time and listened to one of the most delusional speeches made by a PM since the Suez crisis. Of course, Carrie and the baby were front and centre and there was the obligatory PR clapping for a man that has been an utter disaster as a PM. He was treated as if he had won the World Cup.

He was a weak and vainglorious PM aping his hero Winston Churchill. I read The Churchill Factor: How one man made history by Johnson, not as History but with the chill of knowing this was his political manifesto to become leader of the Tories. It was pompous and self serving , much like the man himself.

We as a nation are in deep crisis. Johnson has left a country deep in debt caused by his mishandling of the Plague Crisis and the wanton corruption and incompetence involved.

The corporate state he leaves behind is destroying both SME’s in both manufacturing and service industries. Many are doing a ‘John Galt’ and are leaving the UK jurisdiction.

The craven bowing before the deep state over the Assange affair is humiliating for a sovereign nation. The first act of any new PM must be to free Assange and cast Priti Patel into the outer darkness were she belongs. She is the smug face of the Tory Right.

By the way Boris, you were not winning the war in Ukraine, the resolute people of Ukraine are. We are yet to see who will replace him, the Tory Party has a miserable record on choosing leaders since Thatcher fell.

The Libertarian Party clearly wants to see somebody who advocates both a low tax and small state economy, not another light weight populist.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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