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The politics of delusion

There is a powerful scene in the film ‘The Great Escape ‘ where Ives can’t take anymore after one of the tunnels is discovered and with all hope lost walks towards the wire and is shot ‘trying to escape’ in effect he commits suicide because the balance of his mind has gone.

Having turned the whole of the U.K. into one vast prison camp, Stalag Luft U.K. , Boris and his deranged little helper Matt Hancock are indulging in the politics of delusion that the wire surrounding everybody is there for their own good . He is also telling the inmates that despite a ten per cent drop in GDP he and Rishi are going to lead us to a new dawn of economic prosperity

Across Europe there are demonstrations against ‘internment ‘ never reported on the State Broadcaster the BBC .

The Dutch Supreme Court has declared curfews and lockdown constitutionally unlawful, the caretaker PM Rutte like so many petty tyrants before him has appealed to the Dutch people to ignore the rule of Law, ignore the Constitution and to continue to obey when he has absolutely no mandate.

On Monday in the guise of the camp commandant Boris will tell you you can go for a walk in the park with your granny.

This party unashamedly is anti lock down , it has simply not stopped the spread of the virus , but it has flattened the economy to ‘ save the NHS’

This party has highlighted the tsunami of untreated cancer deaths

We now highlight the depression and loss of hope that will cause more like Ives to take their own lives.

In a month it is spring, a time of renewal and hope.

In the paraphrased words of a former United States President, ‘Mr Johnson, tear down that wire’

Join us, get active, end this madness

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