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The One-Party Party.

And so, the fines have been issued for the wine drinking in Boris’ back garden. Twenty anonymous charges to people who won’t even be identified unless they challenge the fines in court. The likelihood of that happening is on a par with British weather being predictable. We are informed, of course, that the Prime Minister did not attend. We can’t be told who attended, but we can be told who didn’t!

At least one Conservative MP believes in more honesty. Steve Brine said, "They should just be honest about who's been tipped off with what and put it all out there and say, you know what, we got this wrong, or this person's got this fine."

Will it all become a distraction in the local elections, like he fears? Hopefully. Not just from our candidates’ point of view, but also so that voters can see the kind of arrogance coming from an organisation that is doing its level best to turn this country into a one-party state.

Laws are being made for the “little people” not for the Conservative Party. Rules are there to be broken and it matters not who knows lately. In my hometown, land was left to the people for a theatre by the then Earl of Dudley, who placed a covenant on the land to stipulate it could only be used for entertainment or housing.

The local Conservative council are confident though, that they have “found a way round it” and plan to build a university building, despite much local opposition. How is that connected with a party in Downing Street? Both cases are indicative of how our representatives now see themselves as our rulers, how representative democracy is no more.

The rules they inherit and the ones they make do not seem to apply to them. In Westminster, Johnson’s Press team knew that the risk from the virus was negligible, even though they were quite happy to stir up fear for the rest of us. Locally, the council are looking to go ahead with a theatre demolition, despite a covenant on the land.

Both cases smack of supreme arrogance. If Johnson’s junta thought that the war in Ukraine had pushed all this permanently off the agenda, they were very wrong.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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