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The Nightmare Continues

Is it enough to make you scream yet? The shock was that it took Theresa May to raise the issue of the lack of a cost/benefits analysis of lockdown, which many think would show that the lockdown costs outweigh the benefits. A shock that it took this betrayer of Brexit to show the failings in Boris Johnson’s thinking.

Macmillan estimate there are 50,000 extra undiagnosed cancer victims walking around. The Telegraph reported 35,000 cancer deaths and rising, possibly as high as 200,000. Suicides are up 70%. Paramedics report attending record numbers of call-outs where the patient was already dead. The number of deaths at home has rocketed above the five year average, with people staying away from hospitals. Deaths related to diabetes jumped by 86%. The list goes on.

The multi-million pound vanity project that was the Nightingale Hospitals remain in mothballs. I am no medical expert, but how much more confidence would people have in the NHS if all Covid cases were treated in separate hospitals? It would allow treatment of non-Covid cases to continue without impediment.

But does this all end on December 2nd? Furlough being extended till the end of March indicates it will not and the best that can be hoped for is a return to the tier system – lockdown by another name. Millions will not even notice a difference and yet more businesses will go to the wall. The government’s answer will be to print more money, making everyone poorer and more dependent on their centralised paymasters. Poverty also kills through poor diet, unaffordable heating and mental health issues.

The Libertarian Party supports the medical professionals who have signed the First Do No Harm open letter to the Prime Minister and First Ministers. We have to acknowledge that Covid will become a regular winter virus. Then we have to – as they phrase it – “Encourage the return to normal life for the less vulnerable members of society with the understanding that this will help to generate population immunity and thus suppress the spread of the virus in the longer term.”

There were sixteen anti-lockdown demonstrations at the weekend. They have just cause to protest their freedom. This nightmare is killing people. It cannot be allowed to continue any longer.…

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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