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The Nightmare before and After Christmas!

On Wednesday the truth about Christmas and the plan that this Conservative government is planning to lay before us is absolutely insane and is a stab at the very fabric of the nation and its people.

For nearly a year now they have fed us with information which flip flops from one Covid-19 policy to another. We entered lockdown 2 and were told that this should end on December 2nd reverting back to the tiered system based on regional statistics. We have to remember that the Covid-19 Act is in place until March 2022 with provision to extend another six months.

The Medical Director of the UK’s test and trace, Dr Susan Hopkins announced that whilst an “amnesty” on the Covid-19 restrictions is being considered for five days over the Christmas season. She stated that for everyday of the “amnesty” , two days would be needed to be added on to a reinstated lockdown afterwards. Public Health England then made a statement saying that Dr Hopkins was wrong and for everyday of the planned five day “amnesty” a further five days of Lockdown would be needed after to regain control of the disease. Therefore another Month added to the restrictions by a Conservative government using an authoritarian style of Government that our nation fought against in the two World Wars.

I do not use the word authoritarian lightly.

History has shown us exactly what can happen when socialist policies are taken to the furthest reaches where they then become authoritarian. It is very, very difficult to see any clear water, of any colour between the Conservative Government and the Labour Opposition. There is in Parliament no real body of voices large enough to reason or champion the cause for Liberty and Freedom.

There are but a handful of Conservative MP’s who have now formed The Covid Recovery Group, with Sir Graham Brady and Steve Baker being two of the well known MP’s in the group. I admire that they are trying to make their voices heard over the Covid-19 noise coming from the rest of the House. It is very difficult as history has shown to voice your opinion when an authoritarian leadership is at the helm. I would say to them if you really, truly want to stand up for the Liberty and Freedom of the people you represent then maybe a new political home with us is the answer.

People are getting very angry with the handling of the government’s response to the pandemic. Everyday further restrictions, the introduction of Covid Marshals, the abuse that shop workers are having to cope with as frustrated members of the public take it out on them. The almost sect like worship of the NHS, yes the front line workers and colleagues do an amazing job. But to worship an institution that is creaking at the seams and is well past its sell by date makes the mind boggle.

With other desperately sick patients needing medical care, such as Cancer patients who are finding that their treatment and appointments are often being postponed due to the pandemic. Private sector care workers being turned away from supermarkets at essential worker shopping hours as they are not NHS staff. Even though they are risking their lives by caring for the most vulnerable in our communities.

The mental wellbeing of thousands of Children and adults across the country is frightening. The economy is teetering on the edge and the increase in GDP that was seen when restrictions were eased is now but a distant memory.

So Boris and Matt Hancock will give you Christmas but will make you pay for it afterwards. How much longer are we going to stand by and let them destroy the country. Their game plan is failing and it is failing you. They have taken away your right to freedom and liberty under the guise of protection. Never should this have been allowed to happen

We have set out the Libertarian Party strategy to the Covid-19 pandemic, which can be read on our website. We are firm believers in protecting and shielding the vulnerable but let all others get on with their lives. I and my colleagues are signatories of The Great Barrington Declaration. Lockdowns don’t work and even the WHO argues this point.

Boris has shown his real colours throughout this year. They are not blue as you would expect, they are a very bright red. There is a Libertarian wave sweeping through the country as people realise just how much freedom has been taken from them, and may never be given back. Help us by adding your voice to the Libertarian wave, come and join us.

Glenville Gogerly EADW – Libertarian Party Interim Chairman.

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