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The Good Old Cause

The English Revolution 1642 -60 was one of the most the radical periods in modern history . The revolution did not perish in 1660, but lived on in the words and deeds of the host of soldiers and sailors, officers and men, sectaries and republicans who found the Restoration regime wanting ... No amount of penal legislation could eradicate dissent from the restored church, nor did the return of the Cromwellian officers and men to their traditional occupations quench their thirst for a government more responsive to their needs and aspirations. Some in fact, frankly expressed their willingness to take up arms again... for the Good Old Cause, but they never rebelled together.

— Richard Greaves.

The Restoration and the reign of terror unleashed upon the supporters of the Republic and Commonwealth led directly to the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in England and the Emigration to the American Colonies of prominent families like the Lees, Washingtons and Franklins that led the American Revolution less than one hundred years later.

We are now faced with the Prince Harry farago dominating the headlines, while this unelected Prime Minister, without the mandate of the voting public, enacting a surveillance authoritarian state.

Serious policies are no longer subject to the scrutiny by the voter, nor by MP’s more concerned with climbing the preferment greasy pole and raking in expenses and part time appointments.

Centralisation of power amongst the few is root cause of political crisis. The Libertarian Party has a fully thought out Constitutional Reform package.

What you tolerate will continue.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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