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The EU Are ‘Steeling’ Our Jobs

When you consider the EU concept was sold to the British public on the basis that it would be good for trade and help generate jobs, you wouldn’t expect them to be subsidising industries outside the customs union itself would you?

Well, you’d be wrong!

Libertarian Party UK MEP Bill Etheridge is furious, having discovered that is exactly what has been going on.

Under the guise of climate change subsidies, the EU has been paying Chinese steel manufacturers billions to upgrade the very steel mills which are now producing the cheap steel that is flooding the UK and threatening jobs here.

Think Tank, European Insights, said: “These Chinese upgrades have now, sadly, assisted in record levels of Chinese steel production and are contributing to the low steel price that is endangering jobs in the UK.

“The system of carbon credit trading is highly complex, and we uncovered 91 individual steel mills in China that received funding of this nature. We estimate that the total paid to them was €1.4 billion.”

The West Midlands MEP said “Our supposed allies, the European Union, are surreptitiously killing off the UK steel industry.

“China dumps thousands of tonnes of steel into European markets, putting our workers out of a job and they are being subsidised to do it by our very own tax payers.

“It’s crass stupidity on the level of aiming a rifle at one’s own metatarsals, but the EU really are failing to see the irony of it all.!”

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