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The Dowden Letter

This infamous letter has been circulating over the weekend. I was asked for my take on it by the NCC of the Libertarian Party not long after I landed at Heathrow from Houston.

Having been out of the loop for a week, I needed to catch up with what had been going on in my absence. After all, a week is a long time in politics.

The only conclusion is that this is another symptom and further evidence of the melt down going on in Conservative Party Central Office ahead of the local elections.

The Tories are well equipped with private polling and a well oiled party machine that slavishly follows whatever ‘leader’ has crawled up the greasy pole this week. The Tories are now on their third leader since the Brexit Referendum six years ago. This one is in deep, deep trouble. Those polls are showing an across the board wipe-out in the locals this coming Thursday.

Keir Starmer made the only impressive speech I have heard him make as leader following Johnson’s ‘apology’ for the fines imposed on him, his wife and the Chancellor by the Metropolitan Police for breaches of the regulations imposed by draconian Plague Act 2020.

Conclusion; the Tories are in a blue funk for the tsunami of retribution they are about to receive.

Secondly, this letter is a tacit admission that the First Past The Post system is now a farcical failure. I have little doubt that an informal electoral pact exists between the failing Labour Party and the ludicrous but vicious pro-EU Lib Dems. A pact that dare not speak its name.

This party has been calling for electoral and Constitutional Reform for the last ten years on the Swiss model. Unlike the Labour/Lib Dem pact we have openly entered into a non competition agreement with the Freedom Alliance, we are also talking to other parties to bring about real change at local and regional level.

If you care about Freedom and Liberty, vote with your belief in a better future. The biggest threat to democracy is that the public disgust with the corrupt and partying Tories in the Conservative Party will lead to poor turnout figures raising questions about political legitimacy to impose swingeing taxation.

Never forget that Labour and The Lib Dems called for a greater lockdown that the inept Tories imposed.

Join us, stand for us, believe in ‘We the People’.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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