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The Cow Tax.

In Monday's Independent online edition it is reported that Founder, President and CEO of the meat substitute company Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown is pushing for a tax to be hiked onto meat products to "encourage" people to eat less meat.

Well Mr Brown, I like meat so why should I pay more for a product that I like and is my choice to eat it. I am fed up with the constant barrage of people trying to force me and probably millions of others to change their eating habits. Leave us alone and let us choose what we want to eat. If a person wants to eat a plant based diet then so let them. That person also needs to respect the choice of the individual who wants to eat meat. A balanced diet with lots of Mediterranean dishes and recipes from around the world is what I choose. Successive governments have always tried to tell us what to eat, it has to stop.

When will people like Ethan Brown and governments stop interfering with our lives and let us make our own lifestyle choices. One thought is that they want to tax meat production because in many plant based food production the costs are very high and can be less environmentally friendly.

"Without proper safeguards, the soybean industry is causing widespread deforestation and displacement of small farmers and indigenous peoples around the globe. To ensure that soybean expansion does not further harm natural environments and indigenous communities, WWF is encouraging the development of better production practices. We call for transparent land-use planning processes and promote responsible purchasing and investment policies." *

*Source WWF website.

"A primary concern regarding some plant-based diets is that the complete exclusion of animal-sourced foods can result in nutritional deficiencies that can only be remedied, if at all, by very careful diet management and supplementation. According to YouGov43, 44% of the UK population believe meat is a critical source of protein and therefore has a protective health benefit." **

**Source food security website.

When products have tax added to their retail price people will tend to look to see if they can source it from elsewhere. As prices increase business starts to suffer and some may close with the loss of trade. Criminal behaviour increases with some trying to fill the gap left by said businesses.

Government's must not interfere with the pricing mechanism and should let the market set the price.

Who will suffer if meat is taxed ?

Those on low incomes who are already struggling.

The Libertarian Party believes in a minimal tax society. Boris and Keir both believe in high taxation. Don't let them get away with it anymore, come and join us.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.

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