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The anger is growing.

I watched the proceedings in Parliament yesterday with mounting disgust. In my sixties now, I am old enough to remember the giants on both sides of the house. They were men and women of conviction and principle. The ragtag of time servers aping being ‘representatives’ of the people was embarrassing to watch – cringe-worthy was the kindest word I could say.

Jeremy Corbyn, as much as I despised his two faced 1970’s trendy Marxism, stands head and shoulders above this miserable apology for an opposition ‘leader’. He ‘instructed ‘ the Labour Party to ‘ abstain’ on the greatest threat to our national and economic way of life since 1945. The party of the people founded one hundred and twenty years ago had turned its back on the millions now facing mass unemployment, with industry lying bleeding in the gutter, and not even able to go to the pub to drown their sorrows with their mates.

The anachronism of a multi millionaire knight of the realm with a nice suit leading instructing his MP’s to follow the party line and keep their party paymasters happy, the public sector unions, was staggeringly sickening. The turgid sight of Tory MP’s expressing sorrow at the pain their constituents were going through, but we are are going to vote with the government anyway because that is where my personal loyalties and ambition lies, and besides the magic vaccine is near.

There was a ‘Tory Revolt ‘ of sorts, numbered at around seventy eight, as compared to the rumoured one hundred, meaning at least twenty were playing ducks and drakes for preferment or promise for their vote. The sheer fact that Churchill wannabe Boris was allegedly reduced to standing by the lobby begging MP’s to vote with the Government shows the scale of the failure of a government in chaos.

The early signs were there yesterday with Hancock making assertions that Covid-19 was under control. That man is now under pressure and will eventually be thrown under a bus and be forgotten.

While I was listening, I was reading a document from the Electoral Commission which clearly states that the ‘national ‘ Westminster will be operating under four different electoral systems as promulgated by Holyrood, Cardiff and Belfast. The giants of politics have gone, we are left with paid pygmies. The Libertarian Party stands for a written Constitution so that this never can happen again, and devolved power away from Whitehall and Westminster.

The anger is growing.

Andrew Withers – Wessex Coordinator

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