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The Age of Suppression

This is Hamza Yousaf Minister of ‘Justice’ in the SNP Holyrood Government ( please note the tartan tie to reinforce this)

He is proposing a Hate Crimes Bill that actually extends the Policeman in every bedroom to the Policeman at each dinner table.

If you think about this logically there are not enough policemen in Scotland to monitor your hate speech around the dinner table.

So monitoring can be done by a camera in every home as per ‘1984’ or by the most sinister method known by petty tyrants since recorded history, that Yousaf is clearly one, that of denunciation.

The process is your child innocently without any understanding mentions at school that mummy or daddy said XYZ at dinner last night. Teacher overhears and flags up ‘concern ‘ with the local ‘authority ‘ who despatch a ‘social ‘ worker to investigate. In the most serious case arrives with a coterie of policemen to remove the child to a place of ‘safety’

The more insidious version practiced in totalitarian regimes in Russia , Germany and China , is active indoctrination of the child to denounce their parents.

When you have reached that stage you are living in fear of your children.

We are so far down this dystopian path , that a man in a tartan tie can stand up in a public assembly in Scotland and propose this authoritarian measure and not one MSP leapt to his or her feet quoting Braveheart’s yell of Freedom.

Whitehall’s testbed in Holyrood must be salivating with pleasure

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