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Taxation = Theft

What is the difference between sex and rape? Consent.

What is the difference between a purchase and theft? Consent.

What is the difference between taxation and theft? ……

Taxation is theft is a popular Libertarian slogan which I think, sums up our policies/philosophy beautifully. In this scenario we believe the government is the thief, taking our money without our consent so they can spend it at their pleasure. The spend it on services and product that they believe will enhance the lives on their citizens (with more than a couple of officials pocketing some on the side). However, this is used on some services that some (most) deem unnecessary, and most government departments end up becoming a bureaucratic nightmare where useless staff get paid big salaries for doing almost no work. A good example of what I am talking about would be this scenario I found from .

“Imagine that I have founded a charity organization that helps the poor. But not enough people are voluntarily contributing to my charity, so many of the poor remain hungry. I decide to solve the problem by approaching well‐​off people on the street, pointing a gun at them, and demanding their money. I funnel the money into my charity, and the poor are fed and clothed at last.”

Some may agree that is a valid way of funding for the poor. However, this scenario does not consider the integrity or intent of the thief (government). Although their cause is noble, if the thief did put money toward funding the less fortunate but then starts buying houses, cars and all manner of luxury whilst telling people “It is for the poor” would it still be a valid way of fund raising?

As a Libertarian I believe that you should be able to keep your hard-earned cash that, might I add, YOU EARNED. I do not believe that it's right that, the government get to take 20% before you even get your money. Then with any purchase you make with that money you must pay more in tax. Even death does not stop them. After you pass you hope all your wealth and possessions will pass onto your children so they would be able to get a foot up in life but no, inheritance tax seeks to take even more away from you, just like it has through your entire lifetime.

Sam Feltham - Libertarian Party Coordinator for Wales.

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