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Take VAT off bicycles

As a General Election nears, with all the Brexit fallout, the Libertarian Party UK have begun to release realistic policies from their new manifesto.

On the question of health and sport, their answer is to encourage activity.

Other parties are offering sweeteners for young people in the form of bus passes. The Libertarian Party prefer to focus on policies that will do more to counter-act climate change.

Obesity is caused by lack of activity rather than excess consumption. UK calorie intake has fallen by 20% between 1985-2015 yet obesity increased by 200%.

Sports Spokesman, Martin Day, said “Where other parties look to taxation as a means of reducing the spend, we will look at reducing taxation to encourage, whilst promoting personal choice.

“For instance, the lamentable sugar tax has failed miserably, with low and non-sugar products priced the same in many cases.

“Providing cheaper equipment, especially for those on lower incomes, is a positive way to give a boost to cycle production and tackle obesity.

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