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Switch On The Light.

Today will be a very interesting one especially in Westminster when Dominic Cummings will give evidence to a combined select committee headed by Jeremy Hunt and Greg Clark.

His evidence will shine new light on the decision making in number ten over the past year during the pandemic.

Now to some Dominic Cummings is despised and disliked across Westminster and Whitehall. Where does this disdain come from?

I can tell you that it comes down to the very word that brings shivers to top Civil Servants and that word is, change. The machine that is the Civil Service is a gargantuan one feeding off the taxes with a ferocious appetite and does not want this to change.

When the Prime Minister brought in Dominic Cummings, those very same top Civil Servants must have been quaking in their boots. Why? You may ask.

Quite simply, Dominic Cummings wanted to bring about the change that is so needed in the structure and the way the nation is governed. It is a real shame that he will not get the chance to be there to oversee that change. The cracks that occurred with the tremors of his arrival in Westminster have now been covered over by the State machine as it carries on in the mindset of "business as usual."

A former top Civil Servant and RAF Air Commodore before his passing told us how Government Ministers' wishes were very often ignored by Civil Servants at the top because they didn't agree with them.

What we have to note about Dominic Cummings is that he is a brilliant political strategist whose direction took Vote Leave to success at the referendum. Having been part of the Vote Leave team as a constituency coordinator I truly appreciate the thought process and his strategy.

Through history many of the other great political strategists and philosophers have been ignored and their ideas shunned by a State machine that is overtly left leaning and which very much follows a socialist agenda.

Lord Acton, Friedrich August Von Hayek, Murray Rothbard, John Locke, Ludwig Von Mises to name but a few were all great Libertarian thinkers and philosophers whose ideas and thoughts were dismissed by the political classes. Advocates of the free market and property rights their message is so relevant and important today and needs to be clearly spread.

This is why it is important that we grow our party and our support. We have the positive policies and message to really free the individual from the tight grip of the State and by letting the markets flourish and competition grow people can really live their lives as they wish. By spreading libertarianism throughout the country we can show people there is a very different and very exciting choice of direction for our nation and for them as an individual.

Help us switch the light on,

Come And Join Us.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.