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Survival of the least worst

Date: Wednesday 16th January 2019

West Midlands MEP, Bill Etheridge, was cynical as the Prime Minister survived a vote of No Confidence in the House of Commons.

Tory rebels and the DUP reverted to supporting Theresa May after last night voting down her Withdrawal Agreement from the EU.

She survived by 325 votes to 306.

Mr Etheridge, also Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman, responded “This is no victory, it is merely a survival of the least worst.

“It says a lot about the leader of the opposition that the only person that MPs have less confidence in than Theresa May is Mr Corbyn.

“It should be remembered that not so long ago, Mr Corbyn himself lost a huge vote of confidence from his own MPs.

“The stand-off in Parliament will not go away as the quality of leadership in the main two parties is the lowest it has been in my lifetime.”


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