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Such Deceit is Getting Too Common.

When the European Union’s plans for a constitution went awry, the tactic used was to let things cool down, then brought pretty much the same measures back, calling them the Treaty of Lisbon. The Irish had to vote twice, (how dare they vote the wrong way first time around?) but the politicians behind it thought they’d played a blinder until the British people saw through it. Ultimately, it was the trigger that brought about the referendum in 2016.

Now, the same tactics are being used by the current government. Though the Policing Act was passed, amendments by the House of Lords took out certain of the more draconian measures. But just like the Treaty of Lisbon, the same measures and more are brought back in the new Public Order Bill.

They just don’t give up, do they? Nor will they ever, for freedom needs fighting for every single generation.

All the mainstream media tend to mention is that the Bill is aimed at stopping protest groups such as Extinction Revolution from blocking roads and jumping on trains. With scenes of commuters shown, prevented from getting to work and ambulances blocked, this is generally a popular measure.

But amongst other measures, the Bill includes “Protest banning orders that can electronically tag protestors, limit their movement, and even stop them using the internet – even if no offence has been committed.”

Essentially, this is the thought crime which Orwell foresaw. No need to carry out a crime now, just think about it…

The worrying thing is that this deceitful behaviour by our elected politicians is so hard to stop. Our “representatives” no longer represent their area, but one of two parties. Anyone with a conscience that protests the direction of travel does so at the expense of their career. With both red and blue heading in the same socialist, authoritarian direction, where is the choice for the ordinary citizen?

Removing the right to protest will leave riot and revolution as the only answers for the frustrated. It’s almost as if that’s what they are trying to provoke.

Martin Day - Party Secretary

Historically, Parliament passes these Acts when it is fearful. The Six Acts, 1819-21, were the same syndrome; Parliament and the ruling elite feared ‘sedition’. Of course, they failed and ushered in the Great Reform Act because these Acts politicised a whole generation - perhaps there is hope after all?

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