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Stop this profligate spending.

Rishi Sunak has spent the last few months telling anyone who will listen (few do) that he is a believer and supporter of low taxation. Well, we are waiting. This week, Ireland led the way and slashed 20% off their fuel duty in an effort to ease the burden on the populace from rabid inflation led by the cost of fuel.

Action. Now.

Here, we must wait till the 23rd of this month and the Spring Statement before finding out if a small cut in fuel duty is possible or not. But is it really Rishi we have to blame?

Standing in the way of any cuts are the extravagant pledges of spending from the Prime Minister himself. He has already forged ahead, earmarking £100bn+ for a railway that few in the country actually want. Boris has also created a whole new department out of his idea to “level up” the country. It is a communist utopia that will never work. All this from a former London Mayor who wasted £43m of public money, tax-payers money, on a footbridge that was never even built.

In the same way, caving in to his green-brained wife will bankrupt the country long before he ever gets even close to the fantasy of ridding it of CO2. Germany has axed their green levies, at least while the cost of living is everyone’s main concern.

So, it can be done, but Rishi’s hands are completely tied while this reckless spendthrift occupies the seat of power. Europe has not seen such needless extravagance since Marie Antoinette, and we all know how that ended.

For all his Etonian background, Johnson’s handling of the economy is most in keeping with the other side of the House. His Keynesian largesse will be wasted on voters in the former “Red Wall” who he is trying to impress and, allied to party-gate, all he will do is leave a complete distrust of the Conservative Party.

This party says he must stop the spending, NOW!

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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