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Still Paying The Price

It would be dishonest not to admit to a little satisfaction this week when Matt Hancock’s messages were leaked by Isabel Oakeshott, who defended her leaking of Matt Hancock’s lockdown messages; thus, “I make no apology … pretty much everyone in this country is still paying the price for the decisions that were taken and were in many cases catastrophic mistakes.”

Hopefully, this will put an end to the odious former Health Secretary’s fledgling media career. It is wrong that he should profit from a situation to which he hopelessly and vastly over-reacted to as power went straight to his head.

Yes, we are. At the head are those who lost loved ones, particularly in care homes as a result of insufficient testing, namely of those admitted. Then there are the cancer, heart and stroke victims, failed in an appalling misdirection of NHS resources towards just one virus.

Still paying the price are small business owners. Those who survived are now facing repayment of government loans. Those who didn’t are mulling over whether the economy is worthy of them starting again. Who could blame them for deciding it is not?

Also paying a price are the poor, faced with a rate of inflation not seen for forty years, as food and energy prices soar. The amount of money borrowed by the government to throw away on PPE that did or didn’t work (it didn’t seem to matter) increased the money supply whilst supply chains worldwide were disrupted has caused price rises that government economists claimed not to foresee. I’m sure it was just coincidence that so much ended in the pockets of Hancock’s family and friends!

Even the environment is paying the price. During what was claimed to be a pandemic, 129 billion masks that could not be biodegraded were used and thrown away every month. Over 3 billion masks now pollute the oceans and destroy wildlife. And yet, this is not discussed by the same politicians and environmentalists who wanted to control everyone’s lives.

It shouldn’t have taken a journalist to break a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the public to have confirmation that it was, not only deceived, but robbed.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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