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Statement on Racism, Liberty and Current Events

Right thinking people everywhere deplore racism and likewise they seek an end to unlawful police force, wherever it occurs. The Libertarian Party adds its voice to others in calling out for an end to racism wherever it may be found regardless of identity characteristics.

We recognize that beyond all demographic and intersectional labels the smallest minority of all is the individual, and we acknowledge, respect and defend the rights of each regardless of differences. We affirm that all individuals are of equal value, have equal rights to life and liberty, and should all be treated equally before the law. We embody and practice respect for rights, peace and liberty in our engagements with others regardless of differences.

We uphold the right of all people to participate in lawful and peaceful protest which respects the rights of others. We deplore the unlawful use of force between police and civilians and of civilians between each other. We denounce the unlawful violent acts of state actors everywhere by which they abuse their power and trust. We denounce violent protesters and rioters, wherever they may be found. We call for an end to the assaults, looting, arson and vandalism, and acknowledge no legitimacy whatsoever in such acts – they are without excuse. We reject the notion that the ends justify the means and seek to use means that respect the rights of others in pursuing our goal of liberty for all.

We reject identity politics and work to end its divisive and polarizing influence on politics, public discourse and peaceful interaction. Racism cannot be solved by racism, hate cannot be overcome with hate, unfair labelling cannot be solved through more unfair labelling. We hold that individuals are responsible only for their own acts and should neither be punished nor excused because of arbitrary identity characteristics. We reject any notion that people can be collectively or individually held responsible for, or hold guilt for, their circumstances of birth, or the acts of previous generations who happen to share some demographic characteristics.

We denounce the defacement and destruction of monuments, art, literature and other works without due democratic process or the consent of the property owners. We call for open discourse and dialogue between all interested parties, in which appropriate responses to historical figures and events can be arrived at peacefully, democratically, truthfully, transparently and voluntarily.

We defend free speech as an essential part of a free society in which goodwill and mutual understanding can be fostered. In so doing we reject efforts of those who would censor, no-platform, and deny others this basic human right while they claim it for themselves.

We seek to build a peaceful, unified and prosperous nation by respecting and defending the rights of each individual and developing open dialogue and positive relationships with individuals from all backgrounds.

We invite all to join us in seeing beyond surface or collective characteristics, to the unique and valued individual within that each of us are.

We invite all to join us in seeking peace in disagreement, dialogue in dispute, and be accepting of each other’s differences with greater tolerance, and mutual respect for each individual’s rights and freedoms.

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