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The Libertarian Party unequivocally opposes a second lockdown as a solution to this virus.

The Libertarian Party supports the Great Barrington Declaration and calls for the immediate disbandment of SAGE and its reliance on Imperial’s flawed projections.

The Libertarian Party notes that WHO has already spoken out against such lockdowns.

The Libertarian Party maintains that the collapse of the economy and the accelerated death toll of untreated heart disease and cancers is obsessive and morally wrong.

We cannot condone the further enforcement powers that are given to the Police and other Officers of the State which are turning our nation into a Police State.

We will not stand by and watch our natural right to freedom and liberty taken away from us.

The Libertarian Party calls for the immediate resignation of Matt Hancock MP for incompetence in the Government’s response to the pandemic.


Libertarian Party UK National Coordinating Committee.

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