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State Control Of Industry Is Never Good

In November, the European Commission presents its strategy for further EU greenhouse gas reductions – the 2050 roadmap. West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge is one of a number who will oppose this legislation.

Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 20% over the past 25 years.

But the EU face calls that the speed of carbon emissions reduction must now accelerate to more than three times that rate, so as not to fall behind the decarbonisation targets in the Paris Agreement

The Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman said “This is an effort from within the EU to attack traditional industry and efficient energy production through more state control.

“This level of government investment into industries of their choice opens up the possibilities of fraud on a huge scale.

“It also kills the free market and forces EU industry to hide in its protectionist bubble as there is no way it will be able to compete with those in the USA and China who do not face such restrictions.

“I will be voting against.”

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