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Special Offers Always Come At A Price

Following the Chancellor’s interim statement, the Libertarian Party UK have likened the Chancellor’s summer statement to special offers on a Discount Website.

A mixture of temporary tax cuts and free meal deals has failed to impress the Libertarian Party leader.

Adam Brown, Libertarian Party leader, said, “The Libertarian Party will always support tax cuts, so I welcome the reduction in VAT and especially welcome the scrapping of Stamp Duty on houses up to £500k – scrapping Stamp Duty has been a long-term Libertarian Party Policy.

“However as I listened to the announcements I was put more in mind of special offers on a discount website than a government official as he declared that in August we would be paying 50% of peoples restaurant bills from Monday to Wednesday, but only up to £10 per person.

“The best part was seeing the Chancellor at his most honest. VAT and taxation cost jobs and strip money out of the economy.

“Our biggest concern is that we know that these tax cuts are only going to be temporary.

May saw the largest single month’s borrowing in history with the Government borrowing £55.2Bn and means that the UK total debt has now surpassed the total size of the economy.

Mr Brown continued, “In October, when the Chancellor returns with his Autumn statement, we will be informed how we are going to pay for it. The government have been pretty open that they expect this to mean tax rises

“I, for one, will not be feeling grateful to a government giving me a present paid for from my own pocket. It would be far better if the government started to live within its means.

“Labour complain that these measures don’t go far enough. The choice between the two main parties that face the British electorate is clear.

“It is the choice between the party working out how much of your money they will take vs the party working out if you should have anything left at all.

“Overall, it is very hard to get excited about receiving £2 off a Big Mac when I know it will come at the cost of £1,000’s off workers wage packets in the very near future.

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