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Shot in the arm

Guest post from Conservative Cllr Ray Burston – of Dudley MBC, a published author

Tomorrow is ‘V Day’ for me – when I trot up to the clinic to become one of those who will have had Boris’s famous ”.

Ordinarily, this would have been a sensible public health measure that I would be more than happy to partake of. You see, I don’t have a problem with vaccines. I have annual flu jabs. My children were vaccinated against common childhood illnesses; and they, in turn, have vaccinated their children against them too.

However, since late last year – when I first began warning that it would transpire that ‘no vaccine’ against CoVid19 would soon enough mean ‘no job’ (and ‘no much else besides’) – I’ve watched with mounting dismay (nay, horror!) as the stage is being remorselessly set for this appalling dystopia to become a reality. This, despite assurances by ministers to the contrary. Meanwhile, those of us who’ve publicly voiced our fears have been scoffed at as demented anti-vax conspiracy theorists harping on about nothing.

The compulsory medicating of consenting adults is ALWAYS wrong. The Nuremberg Code, which this country signed after the war, protects the right of the individual to refuse to be administered with any medication – including vaccines. There are those who, for whatever reasons of conscience or concern, will decline to be vaccinated. These people will likely remain a small minority whose refusal to participate in the vaccination programme will have no significant effect upon the drive to protect the general population.

And yet if CoVid19 ‘passports’ are to made an essential prerequisite for undertaking even basic activities in life (like entering a shop or boarding public transport) then the fundamental rights not just of these people, but of all of us will, in any meaningful sense, also have been breached. That a CONSERVATIVE government is willing to turn a blind eye to this egregious assault upon a basic human right is doubly shameful.

So, yes, I will have the vaccine tomorrow as contribution to the fight against this virus – even though doing so has needlessly cast me and others like me upon an appalling moral dilemma.

Of course, in our euphoria at the prospect of being ‘unlocked’, those who exercise power over us know that most people will always choose material comfort over defending a principle; to trade their birthright as freeborn Englishmen and women for a potage of everyday convenience. Therefore, come the summer, most of you will no doubt be quite happy to flash your CoVid19 ‘passports’ in order to enjoy a pint down the local or board a plane to the Costa Brava.

And yet I will say this again: if we, as a people, are not willing to OPEN OUR EYES and behold where the events of this last year are inexorably leading us then sadly we deserve to lose our freedoms.

Populus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.

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